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  • Gentle, Full Body FLOW to energize & activate your body

    This is a workout that is just good for the SOUL. Stretch, activate, and work your muscles in a gentle way. Such a good flow to do after a long hiatus of working out, or to start your day / morning. It's still going to burn - i promise!

  • GRATITUDE Guided Meditation

    This will completely transform your mood and how you go about your day. in just 13 mins you will feel so much gratitude and abundance in your life, and realize how much you truly have to be thankful for.

  • 10 min FEEL GOOD Stretch

    If I could put sunshine into a routine, this would be it. This is a 10 minute, feel good stretch that will leave you feeling so happy, positive, and balanced. We do hold the stretches to release tension, but its also a bit more fast paced & has some dynamic elements to increase endorphins & just ...

  • 10 Min Meditation: FOR LETTING GO

    Autumn is here, and it is the perfect time for letting go of all that does not serve us anymore. In this meditation, we will utilize visualization & sound to dig deep into our minds and let go of what is weighing us down. These 10 minutes will leave you feeling peaceful, balanced, and so much lig...

  • Long & Strong: Upper Body // Pilates & Stretch

    COMING 09/07. In this routine we will stretch and loosen our whole upper body whilst also activating and strengthening the muscles in the arms, shoulders, back and abs. This will increase flexibility, mobility, and strength all while being gentle on the body. we do this together with some light m...

  • Long & Strong: Lower Body // Pilates & Stretch

    In today's routine we will stretch and loosen our whole lower body whilst also activating and strengthening the muscles in the glutes, thighs, and calves. This will increase flexibility, mobility, and strength all while being gentle on the body. we do this together with some light music.

  • PMS Workout | Gentle Stretch & Movement Routine

    When it's that time of month and you are looking for a gentle way to move your body and get in touch with yourself, this is the perfect routine. 15 mins of stretches, movement, and some breathing exercises to balance & center yourself. Get comfy and do it with me!

  • 10 min DANCER WARM-UP

    WITH MUSIC 🎶 This 10 minute DANCER warmup routine is inspired by my younger dancer days! This will get your blood flowing, increase mobility with stretches, and activate your muscles - especially in your legs. Do this as a standalone short workout, or as a warmup before one of our longer / more ...

  • THE LAZIEST WORKOUT | A gentle, full body floor workout

    Do this laying down!! A workout that is done completely laying down, on your back or side. No planks, just gentle moves that you can do from anywhere - bed, couch, floor, you pick. For the days where you can't give more than the bare minimum, or for the girlies that need a super gentle way to mov...

  • Lengthen & Strengthen: Pilates workout and stretch

    A gentle pilates workout to activate and strengthen your muscles, and lengthen your body. In this routine you will alternate between exercises and stretches that will help you feel brand spankin new!

  • Full Body Yoga Stretch | 20 mins of relaxation & letting go

    This full body stretch & yoga routine will relax your body, bring peace to your mind, and loosen up right muscles. Perfect for post workout or on a day you need a little extra self care.

  • Full Body, Yin Yoga Stretch

    Take these 30 minutes to bring balance to your mind and body as we do a deep stretch and yin yoga routine for full body.

  • Yin Yoga for Upper Body | stretch for your back, & arms, chest

    Yin Yoga is a type of Yoga where we hold passive yoga poses and stretches for longer periods of time. This really allws you to get deeper into the muscles, as well as your deep connective tissues, such as your joints and ligaments. This slow paced flow will allow you to bring balance to your back...

  • 10 Minute Meditation for Peace, Clarity, and Joy

  • Wind Down Workout | Gentle, Full Body Movement

    The perfect bedtime workout doesn't ex- oh wait, it does! This is perfect for anyone who has been seated all day and is craving some movement to loosen up before bed. We end with a 2 minute meditation which will ground you and help you get the best sleep!

  • DAILY Stretch & Workout for Energy, Clarity, and Happiness!

    A daily, 10 minute stretch & movement workout to wake your body up and get you ready for the best day EVER! Side note: I am so sorry about the audio in this video!! My mic was acting strange. Wish I could travel back to this villa to re-record it for you... didn't want a workout with such a beaut...

  • Fix Your Posture - Back Workout & Stretch

    The perfect routine if you have been feeling stiff, sitting behind a desk all day, or just need a posture pick-me-up. With a mix of stretches, mobility exercises, and strengthening exercises, this routine is what we ALL need!

  • Upper Body & Back Yoga Stretch

    Here we have a 20 min stretching routine to relax stiff muscles in the upper body and the back. If you spend a lot of time seated, this yoga stretch is perfect for you, and even for a post-workout stretch.

  • Mobility & Stretch Routine / Yoga for Lower Body!

    Here is a FULL Mobility & lower body stretch routine that is PERFECT for a rest day, active rest day, de-load week, or even post workout! Incorporating mobility exercises will make your workouts so much better and more effective.

    Ability Level: all levels!

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  • LOWER BODY YOGA | Post workout stretch for sore muscles!

    Here is a booty & leg lower body stretch to help you relax your tense muscles. This is the perfect post workout stretch to cool down and help sore muscles!