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  • Pilates x Weights | Upper Body & Abs

    A pilates x weights upper body & core workout that will have you feeling strong, graceful and snatchedddd. These slow paced moves will balance your balance, flexibility and strength.


    Get ready to salsa, reggaeton, and dance your life away during this spicyyyyy 30 min latin dance cardio workout. It might be hard to follow the first time around, but it will get easier each time you do it and feel like an actual choreography instead of a zumba class ;) can;t wait to dance with y...

  • Legs & Glutes | THE ESSENTIALS

    Grab your dumbbells & a bench and get ready for this SPICY legs & glutes workout where we focus on just the essentials for a quick, effective workout.

  • Pilates + Weights Full Bod Flow

    WITH MUSIC. grab your lighter weights and feel the burn in this 25 min full body workout flow. Pilates inspired but with weights for that added challenge. We do each more for 60 seconds, slow and controlled to maximize the muscle burn.

    In this workout today it's a pop music party!

  • EXPRESS GLUTES | 20 min dumbbell workout

    This express workout will sneak up on you and have you begging for mercy. Whoever said you can't an amazing workout in 20 mins was lying - or they simply haven't tried this. Grab your heavier weights and lets get those muscle gains πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • Gentle, Full Body FLOW to energize & activate your body

    This is a workout that is just good for the SOUL. Stretch, activate, and work your muscles in a gentle way. Such a good flow to do after a long hiatus of working out, or to start your day / morning. It's still going to burn - i promise!

  • UPPER BODY | Couples Workout

    this 10 min workout is everything I want a workout to be: short, spicy, and straight to the point. Grab your partner (or yourself!) and lets do this πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • 10 MIN AB BURNER (your abs will cry)

    this 10 min workout is everything I want a workout to be: short, spicy, and straight to the point. Grab your partner (or yourself!) and lets do this πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • ABS & ASS 2.0

    Grab your dumbbells and let's smash this bomb ass & abs workout ;) the two best things to work out! And make sure you stick around for the end because that last exercise will work wonders for your legs and glutes.



    This full body workout will have EVERY muscle of your body working. Legs, glutes, abs, upper body, back... we do it ALL. warning: you will sweat, and sometimes you may hate me but you WILL get stronger. Johnny joins in this workout - grab your partners, sibling, friend, etc. and let's do it toget...

  • BOOTCAMP: Upper Body + Core Focus

    WITH MUSIC. This fast paced workout will work your core and strengthen your upper body while getting your heart rate up and burning calories. enjoy the sweat and the feeling of getting stronger!


  • Deep Core & Pelvic Floor | Abs Workout

    This workout targets your deep core & pelvic floor to build strength & snatch your waist. Grab your dumbbell and do this 100% standing workout!

  • Core Strength Workout | stabilize & snatch your waist

    We are targeting our deep core in this workout which is all on the floor. Grab your dumbbells and let’s snatch this waist!

  • FUNCTIONAL Core Strength Workout

    in today's workout we are doing all functional core exercises that help build balance, stability, core strength, and help you cinch your waist. Grab a dumbbell for this routine and let's get it!

  • Lower Body STRENGTH

    This routine targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves for a well rounded, short workout to sculpt and strengthen your lower body. Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells (challenge yourself!) and let's get those gains.

  • BOOTY ONLY | Ankle Weight Glute Isolation Workout

    Your glutes will LOVE this. Grab your ankle weights and do this glute isolation workout that works your booty without targeting your legs & thighs. Use this as a standalone workout or in addition to your regular leg day.

    My ankle weights are from amazon, under the fitness / equipment section! am...

  • LATIN DANCE PARTY vol.2 | Cardio Dance Workout

    Get ready for a DANCE PARTYYYY, latino style πŸ’› with reggaeton & salsa, lots of booty shaking, and so much fun! This is a more fast paced & advanced dance workout, for the seasoned girlies that have done a few dance workouts before πŸ’ͺ🏽

  • BABY GOT BACK | Posture & Strength Back Workout

    Grab your dumbbells and let's do this back workout! SO GOOD for your posture, back strength, and to sculpt your body for the hourglass figure. I recommend using a lighter and a medium pair of dumbbells to challenge yourself!

  • 2x10 CARDIO

    In this workouts, we do 10 rounds of 2 exercises - one jumping exercise, followed by one with no jumping. It's sweaty & will burn your whole body - but will also leave you feeling so good!!

  • LOWER BODY SNACK | 20 min workout with weights

    This was my first weighted workout after a whole month off and it was PERFECT! Short and sweet, but still so spicy. I was sore for days!! Perfect for you if you are getting back into working out after a long break (post that summer holiday) OR if you are unfamiliar with weights and want to start ...

  • HIIt x WEIGHTS Lower Body

    WITH MUSIC. Get ready to SWEAT. Weights to build muscle and HIIT for that sweaty cardio burn. Targets your lower body to build muscle, strength, and endurance. Grab a pair of heavy and medium weight dumbbells for this one.


    A 15 min workout that will fire up your abs and engage your core. Perfect to add to the end of your workouts or as a warmup to start the day.

  • HIIT x PILATES Full Body Workout

    WITH MUSIC. In this HIIT & PILATES sweaty mashup workout, you will feel your heart racing and all your muscles on fire. Alternating between intense HIIT circuits + slow and intentional pilates circuits, this workout has it all.

  • Full Body Yoga Stretch | 20 mins of relaxation & letting go

    This full body stretch & yoga routine will relax your body, bring peace to your mind, and loosen up right muscles. Perfect for post workout or on a day you need a little extra self care.