WEEK 2 | Booty Pump

WEEK 2 | Booty Pump

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WEEK 2 | Booty Pump
  • NO JUMPING Intense Workout | Fast-Paced Cardio

    Episode 1

    This is a fast-paced, intense cardio workout that has NO JUMPING & is apartment friendly! Get your sweat on without disturbing the neighbors ;)

    Warm-Up: 2 mins
    Workout: 18 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 5 mins

    Ability Level: INTERMEDIATE

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  • PLANK IT OUT - Abs & Upper Body Plank Workout

    Episode 2

    Train your abs and upper body in this 100% plank workout! Its a toughie but thats how we get better and stronger!

    Warm-Up: 2 mins
    Workout: 16 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 3 mins

    Ability Level: Intermediate

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    The best...