Your favorite workouts of all time!

  • Latin Dance Party Cardio (WALK 2 MILES)!

    Walk 2 miles and dance to latin music all from home! This walk / dance party will have you sweating, burning calories, and feeling SO GOOD!

  • WALK FROM HOME + Dance Cardio / NO JUMPING

    One of my favorite workouts I have created for you guys - so much fun, it feels like a dance party together! In this workout we do it to music TOGETHER so get ready to jam out and walk 1 whole mile from home!

  • Bodyweight Booty Killer Workout

    Here is a SAUCYYYY bodyweight booty workout. These workouts really utilize the best exercises to work our booties with just bodyweight - we really isolate the muscles and spend more time under tension!

    Warm-Up: 3 mins
    Workout: 31 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 6 mins

    Ability Level: Intermediate


  • NO JUMPING Intense Workout | Fast-Paced Cardio

    This is a fast-paced, intense cardio workout that has NO JUMPING & is apartment friendly! Get your sweat on without disturbing the neighbors ;)

    Warm-Up: 2 mins
    Workout: 18 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 5 mins

    Ability Level: INTERMEDIATE

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  • HAPPY CARDIO | Full Body Burn

    This is a HAPPY cardio workout guaranteed to get your endorphins flowing!!!


    A booty & leg workout that is DUMBBELL OPTIONAL! This is a hybrid workout with some dumbbell exercises and some bodyweight, but I also give you alternatives you can do with no equipment. This will sculpt your booty and strengthen your legs.

    Warm-Up: 3 mins
    Workout: 25 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 6...


    A dumbbell booty & leg workout that is perfect to grow muscle and sculpt your legs. We do only one set of each exercise in this workout, so we hit a lot of different muscle groups, and this is a great workout for anyone just starting to use weights.

    Warm-Up: 3 mins
    Workout: 34 mins
    Cool Down / ...

  • Arms + Abs MASHUP Workout!

    It's time for an Upper Body + Abs mashup! We have 3 sections in this video: 1 workout circuit of only arms, 1 circuit of only abs, and 1 circuit targeting both! Strengthen your core and sculpt your arms with this workout. We also do a vacuum in the end!

    Warm-Up: 3 mins
    Workout: 23 mins
    Vacuums: ...

  • 20 MIN AB BURN

    Here is a 20 min AB BURNER that is perfect to challenge you and build core strength.

    Warm-Up: 2 mins
    Workout: 18 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 2 mins

    Ability Level: Intermediate

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  • INTENSE BOOTY & LEGS | Bodyweight, Explosive Workout

    This is an INTENSE booty & leg workout using JUST your bodyweight. We incorporate lots of high impact, explosive exercise that REALLY work out your muscles to help you get leaner & stronger. I was sore for DAYS after this workout so don't skip the stretch afterwards!

    Warm-Up: 4 mins
    Workout: 23 ...