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Watch this video and more on DAILY THRIVE by Vicky Justiz

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Bodyweight Booty Killer Workout

Lower Body Workouts • 40m

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  • Bodyweight Booty & Legs

    A bodyweight workout that will target your booty and your legs. Don't be fooled - even without equipment you will FEEL THE BURN!

    Warm-Up: 3 mins
    Workout: 18 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 5 mins

    Ability Level: Intermediate

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  • Quick Booty Burn

    A quick & simple booty burn workout using just your bodyweight. This is great for when you are short on time or as a long glute activation before your weighted workouts!

    Warm-Up: 3 mins
    Workout: 12 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 2 mins

    Ability Level: Beginner

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    A glute Isolation workout to really target the GLUTES without targeting thighs and legs. Perfect for you if you are quad dominant and really want to isolate and grow the booty. Make sure your Ankle Weights are HEAVY and challenging enough for you - I am using a 20lb pair in this workout.