WEEK 6 | Booty Pump

WEEK 6 | Booty Pump

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WEEK 6 | Booty Pump
  • 1 HOUR, FULL BODY Workout Class!

    Episode 1

    The ALL IN ONE complete workout class. We hit every single body part in this class, from head to toe. If you want an all around workout thats simple, to the point, and will give you the most bang for your buck, this is IT.

    Warm-Up: 7 mins
    Workout: 48 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 10 mins

    Ability Le...

  • LOWER BODY YOGA | Post workout stretch for sore muscles!

    Episode 2

    Here is a booty & leg lower body stretch to help you relax your tense muscles. This is the perfect post workout stretch to cool down and help sore muscles!