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2 WEEK PRE-TRAINING (optional)

14 Seasons

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2 WEEK PRE-TRAINING (optional)
  • SEATED Upper Body | Arms, Shoulders, Back

    Episode 1

    My favorite kind of workout is one you can do sitting down! Here is a seated upper body workout. You can do this in bed, in the office, just be careful not to knock anything down. It looks simple but don't be fooled.... it BURNS, no matter what level you are.

    Workout: 16 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch...


    Episode 2

    A SUPER quick AbBS BURNER! Do not underestimate how much you can work a muscle group in just 7 minutes. Its a short workout so NO EXCUSES! Press play and do it with me.

    Workout: 7 mins
    Cool Down / Stretch: 2 mins

    Ability Level: Beginner / Intermediate

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